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Wolf and Badger Event

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

On Thursday the 11th of November, Bond Morgan England hosted a ‘Meet the Designer’ event at Wolf and Badger’s flagship London store in the charming Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. Wolf and Badger, an in independent, ethical fashion retailer who stock the Bond Morgan Mutatio Collection was the perfect location or such an event. Sharing the same values concerning sustainability and the environment, the store acted as a forum for customers and Bond Morgan representatives to discuss the important role retailers and consumers in fashion have in the drive towards a sustainable future.

Wolf and Badger Meet the Designer Event

The ticketed event was a success, with those with a love for fashion and a passion for sustainability filtering into the store throughout the evening. Bond Morgan offered goody bags to guests featuring items from brands that share their values of sustainability, such as Alara Cereals who are a plastic free net zero carbon company. The guests had the opportunity to meet with Bond Morgan to learn more about the multifunctional, modular and sustainable Mutatio collection. Guests, who enjoyed glasses of prosecco and bespoke vegan cupcakes from Jazzy Chic Cupcakes, Vegan brownies from The Happy Donut Bakery and KEAR Natural skincare products offering a holistic approach to timeless beauty and multi-use, guests were particularly interested in the bags multifunctionality.

Bond Morgan is a designer that encourages everyone to invest in a few things that can go a long way. As a brand they are committed to sustainability and a better and more ethical lifestyle. Creating accessories that can be worn time and time again in a multitude of ways is a key way to achieve this. The bag’s modular design allows it to transform into seven different bags, removing the need for customers to purchase multiple bags and thus cutting down the strain on the environment. Guests were not only amazed with the bag’s versatility but also the fact that unlike many multi-purpose products on the market, the Mutatio bag’s sleek appearance is not compromised by any of its seven transformations. With one guest remarking that, “the bag's multifunctionality doesn’t affect the visual quality, many multifunctional bags I have seen have been quite boxy or clunky.” This, a testament to the modular design that utilises zips to transform the bag. Versatile in form and purpose, the unisex bag was a hit amongst a wide range of people. The smart yet uncompromising design of the bag makes it perfect for many occasions, business and leisure. One of the guests discussed how the bag would be “perfect as a high-end corporate gift”, whilst others spoke of its striking appearance being perfect for incorporating into their outfits. The design was a hit, one person mentioned it could “work perfectly with a range of colourways or patterns in the future.

The bag which comes in three colours, khaki, black regenerated nylon and black plant-based leather is made completely from sustainable materials - a real point of interest at the event. With only 3% of products entering the clothing industry coming from recycled materials, the importance of designing and creating products that are not only recyclable but also recycled cannot be ignored. Bond Morgan bags are made from various, inventive materials such as recycled PET, ECONYL® regenerated nylon (infinitely recycled with no loss of quality) and vegan leather such as Piñatex®, made from pineapple fibres and Desserto®, made from cactus. Using ethical but also stylish alternative leather products was a popular point of discussion, many guests were aware of these, such is the growing understanding of sustainable materials.

One guest said it was great that Bond Morgan uses pineapple leaf leather as “the company behind it are doing great things.” The Mutatio collection being featured in the Green Product Award trend book is a testament to the innovative design that strives towards a sustainable, circular economy. Guests at the event were impressed to see the bag’s recognition from a prestigious sustainability award. The award look book was on display allowing for people to read more about the sustainable products used as well as seeing other pioneering work in the sustainable textiles industry. All in all, allowing for a greater understanding of the work that is being done and needs to be done in the future.

With the discourse on climate responsibility growing as each day passes, there also grows a demand and desire for ethical and sustainable fashion. Events like the one hosted at Wolf and Badger will prove important in the future discussion on sustainability in fashion and help spread awareness of our need to change our consumption habits to ensure a positive future.

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