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Bond Morgan designs for change. We create with sustainability and environmental impact as our main objectives. Combining pioneering new alternative materials, for a circular industry, we utilise multifunctional design to create products that make a difference.

Bond Morgan has launched a sustainable multifunctional, multipurpose bag that focuses on sustainable circular materials, Made in England.


The focus is on ethical fashion initiatives, from plant-based leather to recycled nylon, that can be infinitely recycled with no loss of quality each time. Each detail of our design and production has been carefully researched from the thread through to the webbing, every aspect of this bag is sustainable - making it one of the few totally sustainable bags available on the market. We have used circular materials that help close the loop in the fashion industry today.


We are dedicated to ethical production processes, and supply chains that are clean and responsible, making us the top choice for customers who value sustainability. Our designs are unisex, with a modern and minimalist style. We ensure that our suppliers support the environmental ethos of the brand by focusing on their products and the quality of materials. 

Shopping for sustainable fashion is just one of so many ways we can all do our bit to combat climate change. Whether it's getting rid of plastic bags, switching to reusable products or pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. We put sustainability at the heart of our practices by sourcing the highest quality materials worldwide.

Bond Morgan is a designer that encourages everyone to invest in a few things that can go a long way. As a brand, we are committed to sustainability and a better and more ethical lifestyle. Creating accessories that can be worn time and time again in multiple ways. 


Bond Morgan showcases Bond’s passion for sustainability, belief in ethical living and desire for multifunctional design. As the world is adjusting, reconsidering and restructuring daily approaches to our everyday lives the Mutatio bag offers a responsible, ethical and adaptable way to combat climate change while giving the consumer multiple options for every day living.


We love animals. Our new line cuts out animal products all together. We only use plant-based, regenerated or recycled materials.


As the population grows, consumer consumption increases. The result, increased waste. We believe in solving this issue by using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, made from waste that is rescued from many sources around the world including fishing nets, carpets, fabric straps and industrial plastic waste. 


It is our obligation to ensure our customers investment in Bond Morgan rewards our manufacturers and suppliers. They share our values of fair working conditions and in providing work for the local community. 


Quality usually comes at a price but at Bond Morgan we don't compromise to increase our profits. We ensure that our products are of the highest quality possible. Customers pay for the products, not our overheads.


We are happy to showcase our suppliers, supply chain policies and practices, and environmental and social impact. 


Through our brand, we aim to inspire others. The values we follow, and the decisions we make today, impact those who are here tomorrow. Our donation scheme helps, One Tree Planted who share the same values and help to impact the world.

For more information or press request please contact us directly.

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